It’s all about style and relaxation; today’s man has never felt so free. Style is a matter of personality, not just of aesthetics. Style is to have courage in one’s choices, and even the courage to dare. It’s about to find novelty and comfort without resorting to extravagance.


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    The combination of tailoring and style. 1440’ by Marlane is a Travel Suit which combines and strengthens the concept of bespoke elegance. For everyday work, getting in and out of taxis or airplanes, we recommend to use a Suit or Jacket made from 1440 Travel Suit fabric in double twisted wool with an anti-crease and water repellent finish. For a high performance Suit able to withstand abrasion, seam slippage, tearing. Move freely, dressed in the excellence 24h/day, 1440 minutes.

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    WoolStretch fabrics are the results of reaserch and technology. Special developed yarns corespun with lycra, and innovative weaving and finishing process gives the perfect elasticity to the fabric. The contemporary man dresses in suits and jackets that supports him in the dynamic life of today.

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    Natural stretch for maximum comfort combined with machine washability for the a contemporary man, always on the move.

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    Wool fabrics are inherently extensible and will recover from bagging very quickly leading to excellent comfort and fit. Additional stretch and softer touch by technically advanced weaving and finishing permits fabric to add as much as 10 % stretch, and makes closer fitting garments more comfortable and with nicer touch.

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    The sustainable stretch fabric.

    The historical Biella brand A.T.V. has invested in new and innovative technology, which allows us to reach very high elasticity to the fabric, equal to the elasticity of a fabric with elastomer. With an innovative process in full respect of nature and the environment around us, these new stretch fabrics are 100% biodegradable and without any synthetic fibers.

Travel Suit
M1674U/F | M2674U/F | M3674U/F/S

Supersoft Extender
M1083U/K/F/C | M2383U/F | M3083U/F/S

Machine wash
M1140T | M3140T

Albino Torello Viera
M1727U | M2727U/F/C | M3727U/F/S/K/C |
M4727U/C | M7727/U

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