Powerstretch fabrics of ATV have a natural elasticity that gives an extremely comfortable fit combined with softness and lightness, in 100% Lana Merino Super 100s.
Being 100% natural wool fiber, the Powerstretch fabric provides breathability and comfort as well as a superior lightness compared to traditional stretch fabrics with elastomer.

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SUPER 100S Flanella

Albino Torello Viera offers a selection of Flanel fabrics in 100% Super 100s wool, with an elasticity equal to a flannel with elastomer but as a 100% pure wool fabric it’s lighter and softer than a stretch fabric with elastomer.
Particularly warm, although light, because the ATV flannel retains air that acts as a thermal insulator. Special characteristics are strength and softness and in the same time with high elasticity.

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Selection of ATV fabrics dedicated to Pure Wool stretch blazer, perfect for functional garments in pure elasticized wool Powerstretch.
Classic dress jackets to face the dynamism of a contemporary life. ATV offers a range dedicated to blazers with tailored details, such as shoulders or internal construction, for unique and highly formal garments.

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Technical sheets

Le schede tecniche dei singoli articoli verranno fornite su richiesta mandando una mail all’indirizzo info@albinotorelloviera.it

  • Powerstretch
  • M1727U
  • M2727U/F/C
  • M3727U/F/S/K/C
  • M4727U/C
  • M7727/U